Appcards Pim Pam Pet App Game


Pim Pam Pet ? Do you know the name? Possibly not, but there is a really good chance you have played the game. It is a classic game that has been popular for many years and in the UK you might know it as ?Spin a letter? or ?Name that word?, but in Europe it is known ? and loved ? as Pim Pam Pet.The traditional game of Pim Pam Pet uses cards to randomly give players a topic ? perhaps ?an animal? or ?a city? ? you would then spin the spinner and a letter would show. The player would give an answer . It is a fast, fun game for all the family. appCards Pim Pam Pet combines this traditional gameplay with up to date technology. Download the free app onto your Tablet or Smartphone, get the packet of 56 appCards and friends and family are ready to play! Shuffle the cards and distribute them, face down among the players. Players take 7 cards from their pile and place them ? face up ? in front of them. Start the game and a question (topic) will appear on the screen. You have 10 seconds to play as many letter cards as possible. Each letter you use correctly counts as a point. If you use all seven of your cards, your points are doubled. For example you have letters C, F, B, J, P, T, L ? the screen shows ? a Sport? You answer Football, Baseball, Tennis and Lacrosse, but when your time is up you haven?t thought of a sport beginning with J or P. Now the other players can ?rob? one of your cards. A player calls out ?Pentathlon? ? they win the P card, and another answers ?Javelin? and wins the J card. When the ?robbing? time is up you can re-stock your 7 cards. The next topic appears, and it is the next player?s turn. The player with the most points at the end of the game (generally three rounds), wins.Suitable for 2 to 4 players age 8+.
Minimum device specifications: Android: Google Android 2.3.3 resolution 320 x 480, 1GHz processor, 512 MB, supports multi-touch.iOs: iOs 5.0, iPod 4th generation; iPhone 4; iPad