SOLOMAGIA Euro-Dollar Scotch and Soda (Magnetic) – 0,50/Quarter by Tango Magic – Magie mit Tuch – Zaubertricks und Magie

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Show two coins , a 50-cent coin and one American, and hand them to the spectator who held the camera in one hand . Ask him to bring both hands behind your back and here to put a coin in each hand. So , get back the money by 50 cents and when you give the American one , to my surprise it will be transformed into a completely different currency .

Shown in the left hand two coins , one for 50 cents and a quarter of a dollar. Close both hands and when you reopen the left you will see only the 50 cent coin . The other will be magically flew in his right hand .

Quality Tango Magic.
It requires no skill , and everything can be examined.
Not requiring table is ideal for magic feet.
Bring in your pocket , just a few seconds to reset it.

The video showed the effect, but the value of the coins you will receive is the one shown in the description and photos.