SOLOMAGIA Green Visa Playing Cards – Kartenspiel

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Now available for the first time – the long-awaited Green Visa Deck! This new deck of cards has a deep green color with a metallic gold color design. Printed in the United States at the United Stated Playing Card Company, the green card was printed on the exclusive THIN CRUSHED card. The VISA cards are the creation of Patrick Kun and Alex Pandrea. The characteristics of Visa playing cards VISA playing cards were created with wizards in mind. Many features have been added that have made this deck a must. Thin Crushed cardboard Like the other Visa cards, the Green Visa Deck is printed on the exclusive Thin Crushed card from the USPCC. The Visa deck has been a favorite in quality for this reason. Double back included Each deck has a double back card! Duplicate card in each deck Visa playing cards include a duplicate of 2 hearts in each deck, which you can use in your magical effects. Cards are poker format.