Othello everyone (japan import)

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It is Othello to be able to enjoy a family-simultaneous play as possible in four people in three. Pleasure to be able to reverse even a beginner because there is an event card! It becomes each side, in white, black, blue, red stone of tetrahedron. fun event card is full! Bomb: Can the color of the stone mass of 1 minute myself around from where you put the stone of his next! Cross: Can the stone of my color all to cross from the place you put the stone in his next! Change: I can exchange one of the opponents stones on the board and stone of their own that put! easy storage and is roughly box storage easy clean up (can to stone their own stone When the called party Hasame with stones that are replaced)! Board will cover the storage box to put the card stone and quickly. (2 spares x) [set contents] board, 66 pieces Othello stone x, 12 pieces of card events x, I can see in the comic! Othello Strategy Guide, storage box, certified Othello unit card, instruction manual Size: 300 (W) x 300 (height) x 20 (back) mm material: PS, ABS, paper Target age: 6 years old