Quiksilver Rincon Surf Truck 31.25-inch Skateboard cruiser


The Rincon has a low key classic look that Quicksilver has married with surf truck technology. Feel the flow, live the dream dont pretend.
31.25″ x 9.70″ very low concave and low kicktail;
Canadian Maple Wood;
EVA full padded top deck;
ST-2 truck;
62×51 mm Wheels.

ST 2 Trucks
Quiksilver’s ST Truck Marque 2 is a Reverse King Pin (RKP) front truck, the kingpin faces forward when the truck is mounted to the nose. It has unpresented drive in our collection and will provide instant speed much like our low entry rocker surfboard. Combined with an exaggerated pivotal radius it gives the feeling of an extremely reactive skateboard. It is an extension of your body and will feel the slightest variations in your body flow. We haven’t been able to get the original samples back off our team! The Marque 2 will help you hit speeds and turns you didn’t think were possible.