SOLOMAGIA Svengali Pad Set (4) by Sven Lee – Zubehör

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The Svengali Pad dates back over 100 years. There are many Svengali Pads on the market and all vary in price. Sven Lee was committed to producing a Svengali Pad that was great for everyday use yet affordable enough to experiment with. Purchasing 1 of these pads is a STEAL for the price but you don’t get 1. YOU GET 4!!!! Having 4 Svengali pads could cost you over $120.00 elsewhere…

You get all 4 pads for one EXTREMELY LOW PRICE!

Each pack comes with FOUR 3″ X 5″ Svengali pads bound in black card stock.

Fantastic for multiple forcing options.

Having multiple pads opens the door for more experimentation and performance options.

Affordable! The lowest priced Svengali Pad on the market!