Waboba Ball Extreme Bounces On Water Grey & Blue Floral

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Waboba (Swedish: Waboba) is short for water bouncing ball, deriving the two first letters in each word into what is both the company as well as the product name. Waboba is also the name of the ballgame that is played in knee- to waist high water, using the Waboba ball. The ball’s secret is its composition from different types of Polyurethane, covered in Lycra, allowing it to bounce and float. The ball is about the same density as water and floats when at rest, but bounces high and true when thrown. The ball is made to endure some rough handling, but not for bouncing it on the ground or against walls. Its build-up gives the ball the same characteristics in water as a rubber ball carries on land. The 2008 edition „extreme ball“ has a size of 55 mm and weight of 82 grams. There are other variations of the ball which are larger („Professional Ball“) and lighter („Blast ball“). The name Waboba is a registered trade mark and the ball is internationally patented.